Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'addario Woodwinds- An amazing find for jazz clarinetists & clarinet doublers in Rico Reserve mouthpieces.

Today, I am reviewing two great mouthpieces by RICO RESERVE.The mouthpieces looks great upon first inspection. The hard rubber is shiny and without any imperfections. The engraving is neat and clean. The rails, tip rail, table and baffle look very well crafted and even. NOW- This is why I'm bringing these to your attention- these two models are perfect for the jazz clarinet player ( or doubler) who needs more from the piece. In addition- a world music clarinet player- who wants the control, but also the verve and splash in the sound. These two mouthpieces are sleepers in the RICO RESERVE stable of new pieces. The mouthpieces I'm talking about are the- MCR-X10 -(1.11mm, Medium-Short Facing, A=442) MCR-X15E Reserve Mouthpiece - Bb Clarinet - X15E (1.18mm, Long Facing, A=442) TRY THESE NOW- You'll be amazed. STATE OF THE ART SOUND.... I take that to mean that the chamber is large enough to allow enough air to pass with the size 3 or 3.5 reed I play on it.In my opinion, this is a good thing. As I hold the mouthpiece up to the light, the baffle, tip and rails all look perfect to my eye! It plays amazingly well- projects over the band great with no frustration in pitch issue or getting lost in the mix. These are killer jazz clarinet pieces. Special thanks to Jen Augello on the RESERVE TEAM...for her knowledge and help. Thank you Jen. Also one of the assets in all things RICO...Kristen McKeon. You two miraculously gifted women make this life sonically beautiful. Thank you both for all you do. In closing, If desirability, price, and demand is your interest,I suggest these mouthpieces to you. Rico Reserve architecture in their mouthpieces of the style I'm reviewing is beyond words, I was stunned at the versatility in these pieces for the jazz player, as I stated. It shows that RICO has taken the time, effort, and expense to recreate rubber which is similar to the old classic rod rubber used to make mouthpieces in the 20's and 30's. By going that extra step- a mouthpiece design was created that I could perform on comfortably. At the price point- it is perfect.The quality and consistency are tip top,and the manufacturing consistency is as great as it gets too. Thank you - Tim Price

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