Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tim Price Bloggin' For D' Addario Woodwinds- Remembering Bob Anram


Bob's playing and friendship meant a lot to me. His articles on the psychology of improvisation on  SOTW  (the international sax website those articles have over 50,000 reads.  Search out his youtube video or my albums on itunes. This man was a unsung master player, stood for something of great value as a improviser. His friendship was also an asset to me- Bob was a deep person.

Check out his you tube video called- 

Improvisation - A Ballad for Dee :

By Bob Anram and Leonieke Vermeer

Bob has quietly and consistently been making brilliant music with his tenor saxophone. His profound mastery allows him to wrap each note of his solos in its own texture. In the midst of his improvisations, he'll slide  up through a silky blue haze to a new pitch and end the phrase with a personal vibrato. I loved his emotional rawness highlighting his textural control.
But Bob Anram brings something else to his music: he imbues everything he plays with a deep sense of relaxation,like a man sure of his place in the larger scheme of things, impervious to the assault of the tempo or anything else.  This man is one of the real assets to the inner core of jazz- sadly he should of received his just props in  his lifetime.
The people who heard his CDs and playing are richer for it. I know I sure am- your not forgotten Bob- thank you for being a person who stood for something as a jazz musician.

I hear you brother- Thank you for being you. ~ Tim Price


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