Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tim Price Bloggin' for D'Addario Woodwinds- Summe ( june 2017) reading / listening suggestions.

Here's a few things that you might find interesting and also might not be the middle of the road interests but things that the average serious player will have to address. Recordings books and knowing your history. When you play music it's your responsibility to have roots and not only the music but the history to validate where your stance is. Take some time check these out.

Any musician worth their salt is aware of who people like Dexter Gordon is and their history which is why I'm suggesting the book here. If you watch through the next few weeks I'll be suggesting other things that will help you gain not only history knowledge but knowledge of the music. We've become far too obsessive with mouthpieces and facing sizes and serial numbers and also who plays what. That said when's the last time you heard somebody on social media talk about Sonny Criss or talk about a book they read about Lester Young. There's too many people not stressing the fact that if you don't have roots and are aware of what came before you you're dead in the water. Also I suggested A piano book here-search it out. As always I hope this helps. Tim Price....June 2017

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