Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- JULY IDEAS TO PRACTICE-LISTEN TO & MORE!

The music always has an infinite history and fertility, inexhaustible vitality, and at the same time, a seductive power of temptation - which inspires all of us who play – and offers the open-ended invitation to create as much as we can. The results, the waiting, the practicing at all hours, the talking of the music and constant study gives the music a breath of spirit, endless in motion and evolution. This will always be a source of awe and wonder to the fan or player. The legacy of the sax is a never ending landscape, at all times finite and infinite, both temporal and spiritual. The following players below are life long friends- we all hang study and play a lot- If you do NOT know them you should. If you play the saxophone these guys are the ones who will set your ears straight. Take a chance and find out who they are. Get started now- old school. Seek and ye shall find.

 You aware of this book? If not get it;
 YOU KNOW THIS TUNE? Sam Rivers is also someone you should know- start now.

 LEE MORGAN'S TUNE....get it together.
 TRI- TONE SUBS....the good bad and ugly - on one page.

 THIS BOOK....Was suggested to me by none other than the great late Von Freeman- if you don't practice out of it- you should .
 STUDY WITH ME...Skype NYC and Reading Pa....
 Working the new Sax Dakota straight tenors out with my man Joe Lovano in NYC last week in NYC.

 Trane study's on your favorite progression. You dig?

 Suggested listening....if you are NOT listening you are NOT learning.

HAVE A GREAT JULY 4TH....Drink plenty of water and be cool. Practice like a boss and listen to the cats I'm telling you to. Battle stations!! Thanks- Tim Price for D'Addario.


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