Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tim Price Bloggin' for D'Addario Woodwinds- IT DON'T JUST got to work.

- - What it is...Is hard work and commitment.Commitment to your chosen art form, and desire to do just that.Creativity and responsibility are twins in art. One cannot claim to be truly creative without being responsible. However, the commitment of an artist to a cause should never be blind commitment. The artist should always retain the right to question motives. In that way the artist will remain faithful to both creativity and social responsibility.If all art is a form of communication, all art is produced with an audience in mind. The process of artistic creation is an exercise in communication and as all communication must be able to communicate, it therefore follows that the process of artistic creation entails the responsibility to communicate.

 It can therefore be argued that there is no necessary contradiction between creativity and responsibility in art. I know that there are philosophies like art for art’s sake, which can be contrasted to say the literature of commitment. But I say you cannot be truly creative without being responsible. The moment you stop being responsible you stop being truly creative.

IT DON'T JUST HAPPEN. You got to work.< all art is produced with an audience in mind > ~ You do it, and keep doing it. That is.....what it is. 

 Being a complete musician goes well beyond the notes.It involves more than just getting a degree, playing your instrument, and those aspects. More so, it includes, the day to day life of travel, prep before you travel, making sure your ducks are in a row on the daily agenda.Gas for the car, bus ticket, clothes and schedule. Anything short of that in todays environment is a loss on the player-performers game card. Yes, it's past the mouthpieces, or a five digit Selmer and the demo CD . It's called- day to day life. As I said, being a complete musician goes well beyond the notes. I’m grateful for that......As you read, Putting life together- and dealing with it. I'm glad I'm doing things I enjoy.

  The world is out there go find it.Live music needs your support! I continue to explore and learn all I can about all music in the quest to develop a voice.The more I know about what’s behind the music the more profound the effect is on my musical psyche.   I’m grateful for the era that I came up in, and the teachers, musicians that made me aware of these values. Balance!

I hope my words on this issue, in the process inspire people to do the right thing.Go hear some live music, support the people playing NOW, be part of it. Till next week be in the moment and make every moment the best it can be ~ Tim Price
PS- - THIS LADY...PLAYS HER AZZ OFF!!!!! D'Addario artist Mindi Abair and I at one of the Holiday shows she did a year ago or so- She is one of today's ultimate performers and players. If you see her concerts or CDs - get to them immediately- she is all that and more.
Proud to know her and call her a friend too. . one of the real ones today!


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  1. Thought-provoking..! It's really something to think about. I'm a newcomer to Sax .. and I'm really surprised how much work it takes to play a piece of music. You need to take time to immerse yourself in the play. Artistic creation comes with the desire to create and experience .. And it will take some years for me, so I can only copy other people's music and try to understand the feeling behind. Comes in mind, for example .. "She" by Charles Aznavour. Music has been the subject of true enjoyment for thousands of years, hope I'll even play so well that even my wife can keep listening to me .. Johnny Paulick from Denmark.