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Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds-ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. . . A blog about a innovative timeless human being- Joe Lovano.

ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE. . . A blog about a universal innovative human being- Joe Lovano.

  To function creatively in an art form like jazz one must think creatively and also have a reference. Joe Lovano is an amazing example and benchmark of that. I've known Joe since we were students at Berklee around 1970! The rapport and the simpatico within the music was always there and flowing. The beautiful part of it is all of us are still playing and involved in something we love. As time has passed evolution growth within the art form and also growth and development with the internals of the music are moving forward constantly. This blog this week is just some things I'm going to share about Joe… That you might not read anywhere else… And also some things that I feel strongly about.

When you hear Joe Lovano, you hear Joe Lovano. 
Joe has very deep roots in the music, he grew up in a musical family with the father that not only knew all the musicians, but knew them personally and had played and jammed with them. That is quite evident and I have always seen that as something that was passed on to Joe at early age-that love and fearlessness of just getting together and playing. Letting the music flow and letting the personalities in the music blend in many sonic directions within the notes and tones of the people creating it. 

Jazz is a peoples music-jazz is the original social media and always will be. 

The reality happens when the music is played. Everything else after that becomes evident and also becomes part of an atmosphere among friends and fellow travelers.NOTE; The book below, About the Italian-American players- this is a must read! Joe is in there of course and if you want a book that you can't put down- this is it. I love it!

This last Sunday we spent a lot of time talking about instruments and also doing some playing and hanging. I strongly urge you if you haven't already to listen to some of the many projects and recordings that Joe has done in his life. Each one contains a very special energy and a very special message the only Joe could do-it's like hearing somebody's voice on the telephone. Not only is he a tower of power on the tenor saxophone but he plays Tarogato, Alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinets and straight alto saxophone and straight tenor saxophone ( made by Sax Dakota) as well as drums. And more!
In playing with Joe Sunday, jamming as Joe played the drums it reminded me of what a great drummer he also is. There are many saxophone players who are great drummers there's also many saxophone players who are incredible piano players to. Don't worry that will be subjects of other blogs in the future to help you get a focus on that dear reader. The authenticity of Joe's drumming is very inspiring also when somebody plays drums at a level like that it also enhances what they're doing on their woodwinds. That expansive creativity , and that search is something that makes your main instrument even stronger.

Google Joe's name and look at the multitude of things he's done from Woody Herman to Paul Motian to projects with Michael Brecker .The list is endless-you might find some recordings where he's playing alto clarinet you might find some recordings where he's playing straight tenor saxophone. Then again you might find recordings where he's playing standards with his own special touch. This is a person who has to play music- A special person who hears things in the music and moves forward and plays them! 
The above picture is Joe playing my vintage Vito LeBlanc C melody saxophone, and the below is yours truly trying Joe's vintage Conn C melody saxophone. Something in the sound of these horns from the improvisational orchestral spectrum  is inviting.

 The picture to the right is Joe's dad Big T Lovano- a Cleveland legend and the key element in Joe's saxophonistic agenda. You can see on Big T's tenor the Selmer Varitone attachment, on the bell keys. Players like Sonny Stitt, Lou Donaldson and Eddie Harris were involved with these sounds as well- a huge part of a vital thriving jazz era. Joe's dad was a great tenor player!
Joe's wife Judi is one of the premier sounds and innovators in jazz singing and voice. She literally is a sound that is so instrumentally reassuring and inspiring that you have to just sit back and say-this is ...a true individual artist. She is also a vivid artist whose work on canvas no matter pastel or oil. Multidimensional indeed for her. It's a beautiful thing when you see a deep family laying down a benchmark like this-seek out the recordings that Joe has with Judi, and also her own recordings,   you're in for a real treat. Again these are things that came from Joe's family in Cleveland-values and being raised by parents who love and care. I had the pleasure of hearing big T,  Joe's dad in the 70s in Cleveland. He had a huge saxophone sound and always swinging.

Check out- on you tube; Joe Lovano - Bass Space from SOLOS: the jazz sessions...If you want to hear some solo Tarogato- and some of the most beautiful sonic shapes and ideas.

 So there you have it, a small part of what one of the most unique and spiritual artists on today scene is about-put in the words by me who has known him since 1970.
Joe's contribution to this music and also the brotherhood that exists truly is, the sound of joy. Thank you-stay tuned I'll see you next week. ~ Tim Price

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