Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tim Price Bloggin' For D'Addario Woodwinds- IN THE NAME OF TRANE

In the name of the spirit of the great artist John Coltrane I'm very proud to be part of a very select number of musicians in the Philadelphia jazz project that pays tribute yearly to this great master.

Last year I played directly across the street in the park from the Coltrane House in Philadelphia. Once with my own trio- and later in the day with Sam Reeds tenor madness. Sam's band contains some of the most profound saxophone players in the Philadelphia area, jazz legends like Sam Reed or Charlie Cunningham or George Barron or Larry McKenna, Julian Presley, Gilberto Cruz in addition to so many others in the rhythm section like Philly drummer Jeffrey Johnson and more. ( Larry is not on this gig- by the way- take note) Below is the historic ...COLTRANE HOUSE in Philadelphia, Pa.

This year Sam's band is playing at the Clef Club September 20 at 7 o'clock for this event. It's a beautiful event and everybody really gets to blow and stretch out and play-different guys will be featured throughout the gig as well in a quartet or trio fashion as well as Sam's saxophone ensemble with rhythm section. George Baron and I are playing a quartet segment of the show and playing " Soul Trane" and  " 26 -2 ". Julian Presley is going to be playing an amazing version of Duke Ellington's " In a sentimental mood"… Just to give you some teasers. 

 This is a gig that you're not gonna want to miss, it's worth the drive even if you're coming from Baltimore and New York, what the heck why don't I just throw Copenhagen or Miami in as well! LOL😎 The focus is the music and love of all things Trane. We are having a ball too- stop by!

These is the kind of things I'm talking about, that are of the ultimate important musically in a level that steps out of just the normal and approaches some great jazz- played by people who have played this art form for decades. There's a big difference if you come and hear something like this musically then let's say going to a jazz festival and hearing some of the same old stuff that is shopworn. With that in mind some of these players have roots that grew up with people actually Morgan and Jimmy Heath. Charlie Cunningham is almost 90 and he knew Trane. Charlie also played in the 70s with Philly Joe Jones the great drummer. Below is Charlie and me playing at last years festival!

I'll be saying more about this prestigious event cause I'm very proud to be a part of it but also bring it to the worlds attention in these weekly blogs. These are things that should be being talked about and they're also a great form of respect to a master like John Coltrane.

Also- credit and respect and love to our friend and source of great forward motion Homer Jackson. It wouldn't be happening without you sir.

      I'll be keeping you posted-thank you for reading this and I see you all next week.

       In the name of Trane indeed!  ~ Tim Price



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